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Market Leading & Award Winning
We're the most popular Parents' Evening software in the UK. We'd be happy to put you in contact with a nearby school to share their experience.
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Integrations & Single Sign-On
Easy set up via integration with your school management system to sync your teachers, students, parents and classes. We also have Single Sign-on for parents and teachers.
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Easy for Admin Staff
Admin staff no longer have to organise appointment sheets, process reply slips or chase up students. Parents can simply book their appointment themselves.

Parents' evenings without the hassle

Every school does parents’ evenings differently – we have the experience to ensure yours runs effortlessly.

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Flexible for all schools
Primary schools can have parents book with their child’s class teacher and easily add any specialist teachers, such as Maths, Music, SENCo or even the Headteacher. Secondary schools can have subject teachers, form tutors and/or any other teacher, bookable on different evenings if required.
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Trusted by schools of all sizes
As the established market-leader, dealing with over 40 million bookings, we’ve helped schools of all sizes with their parents’ evenings – from small primary schools to large secondary schools & colleges.
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Easily adjust classes and teachers
Even complicated parents’ evenings are straightforward to manage in just a few clicks. Teachers can be substituted for specific classes or individual classes can be disabled. For classes taught by multiple teachers, you can specify which teachers are involved, as well as if parents will book one appointment with all the teachers at the same time, or if they can book each teacher separately.

We're trusted by schools worldwide

Our products are used by primary schools, secondary schools, academy trusts, independent schools and international schools.
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Great customer support rating

Integrates with your school management system

Direct integration to easily sync your data.
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Advanced Facility & Progresso
Faria Managebac

Impress your parents

Allow parents to book their appointments online.

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Preferred by parents
Parents love being able to choose their own appointment times, with the teachers they want to see – rather than leaving the decision in the hands of their child, or sending a reply slip back to school, hoping it’s not lost at the bottom of a schoolbag.
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Evenings run more to time
A sensible gap between appointments can be automatically inserted to ensure parents arrive at their next appointment on time. Most schools report their parents’ evenings run smoother as a result
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Automatic Appointment Booking
The system has an automatic booking mode to find the most efficient appointment schedule for the parent to see the teachers in the shortest amount of time possible.
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Waiting List
For busy teachers, parents can join a waiting list. The teacher can follow up with the parent at a later time.

Video Appointments

Allow your parents and teachers to meet easily and remotely by video call.

There’s nothing to download or install - calls are made directly from the web browser. Parents & teachers already have the technology they need - a smartphone or laptop.

Single Sign-On

Parents & Teachers can easily login
iSAMS Parent Portal
RM Unify
Groupcall Messenger

Award winning

We're proud to have our great software recognised by prestigious industry awards.
Bett Awards Winner
Bett Awards Winner 2021
Innovator of the Year &
Company of the Year (<£3m turnover)
Bett Awards Winner 2017
Bett Awards Winner 2017
ICT Company of the Year
<£3M+ turnover
Bett Awards Winner 2014
Bett Awards Winner 2014
ICT Company of the Year
<£1M turnover

Customers love us

Read comments below from our happy customers.

“The school used an elaborate and complicated system involving lost pieces of paper and bookings mistakenly made by the school on behalf of parents. This electronic system empowers the parents allowing them to make choices based around their own busy lives. We have 2,700 pupils across our 3 schools and their parents universally agree this system is far better. The administration staff work load is greatly reduced and the parents choose their own appointments. More efficient all round.”

Mr Jackson
Stewart's Melville College

“The system is very popular among parents and staff at Corfe Hills. The feedback so far has been consistently positive. It is very easy to use and the time saved in admin has been considerable. Highly recommended.”

Ms Tegerdine
Corfe Hills School

“We used to use a paper based system of booking appointments for parents evenings resulting in problems seeing specific students and a generally chaotic nature. The system has benefitted us immensely in that the evenings are much easier to administer, it has cut out the need for writing to individual parents to ask them to make the appointments. Evenings run much closer to time and parental attendance has improved hugely from around 70% up to about 85-90% for most year groups.

Feedback from parents has been hugely positive, many parents have found it very easy to use and appreciate the visual design and the email confirmation tools. I'd have no hesitation in recommending the system to other schools.”

Ms Baldry
Cotham School

The system is great - it is easy to load for the administrator and gives parents a much more efficient booking process with greater choice. We previously used a "homemade" database system which was ok but we had to book the appointments internally from slips returned from students.

The Parents Evening System is definitely time saving - fewer phone calls to the college to change appointment dates/times. It's also convenient for parents to select the most suitable evening. Staff can view appointments in real time and re-allocate if necessary. Feedback from parents was very positive and I'd recommend this to others.”

Ms Taylor
Bilborough College

“The launch of this system has generated more positive feedback from parents than anything we have ever done before.

We had a paper based system where staff and students would arrange appointments between themselves. The evenings would overrun and parents would arrive having no idea when their appointments were as their children had lost their sheets. From our own surveys we knew that 23% of parents were unhappy with how the evenings were ran.

97% of our parents think this new system is an improvement to our old paper based system. We love it, it has revolutionised our parents evenings putting the power back into the hands of parents.”

Mr Fendek
Aldridge School

“The on-line booking system has been very helpful. Previously, our parents signed up on paper lists. From an admin point of view, the programme is easy to look at and to operate. Thank you, we look forward to using the Parents Evening System in the future.”

Bandon Hill Primary School, Meadow Field

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